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Today In History
  • In 1938- Death of James Weldon Johnson
  • In 1972- Frank Wills, Washington security guard, foiled break-in at offices of Democratic National Committee in first event of the Watergate conspiracy

New Jersey Graduate Chapter
Groove Phi Groove SFI
P.O. Box 110
Hillside, NJ 07205






The "G" (Groove not Gamma)

During the 1960's, the word "groove" was popular among young Blacks. The letter G, is meant to acknowledge the belief in a higher power that is infinite. In this realization we say:

God Rules Over Our Victorious Existence

Promoting Honor and Integrity

Goals Reached Out Of Valor and Endurance

The "Phi"

In Secrets of the Great Egyptians, Peter Thompkins tells us that the Khemit people of Africa (ancient Egyptians) originated "Phi" as a symbol of the creative function of the male reproductive system and more loosely as "reproduction in endless series". It was a symbolic representation of "the fire of life". This symbol of fertility was adopted in our name to stand for our continual growth and development. Our Phi should in no way be confused with the Greek symbol Phi, which takes on the same look but a totally different meaning.

The "Colors"

Our Founders attributed the significance of the letters and colors of Groove Phi Groove to African American's economic, political, and social living conditions. The colors black and white have the principle importance to the Fellowship by symbolizing the idea of balancing forces of good and evil in life
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